Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok, my brother a.k.a Gundz tagged me. Actually this is the first time I am tagged, so I am officially dah jadi jakun.. :p .. Anyway, here goes..

1. I am (waiting to clock out! - still got 7 hrs to go..eeeee!)

2. I really want to go to (Pulau Perhentian..I'm desperately pining for it-refer to previous entry...)

3. My favourite place (in a movie theatre, watching a good movie)

4. My favourite things are (books & great desserts...yummy)

5. My favourite drink (mango lassi)

6. My favourite food (lamb, especially grilled or BBQed)

7. My favourite colour-s (blue, green & beige)

8. I live in (Kesuma Lakes, Beranang)

9. I was born in (Kuala Lumpur - Jln Ipoh)

10. I attended (SMJB, Kajang High & UKM)

11. My favourite story-ies (The House of The Spirits by Isabel Allende & all Roald Dahl's stories)

12. Hobby (watch movies - nowadays :p)

13. I wish for (selamat dunia & akhirat)

Ok, so that's that.. but there's a problem now...who to tag next? Hmmm...
Whoever that reads this and haven't been tagged on the same subject.